Why You Should Consider Purple Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

If you are getting married, it can be hard to choose which of your friends you want to have as your bridesmaids. However, once you have chosen your bridesmaids, choosing their dresses can be an even harder task, especially if you have chosen a few different friends with very different figures. Finding matching dresses which all of the bridesmaids are happy with can be one of the hardest tasks which you do relating to your wedding, especially if you have chosen a larger number of friends. One of the best colours to choose for your friends’ clothes is purple, because there are lots of different purple plus size bridesmaid dresses available, which are also available in very similar standard sizes. Choosing purple plus size bridesmaid dresses will allow you to find matching dresses for all of your friends, whatever body size or body shape they have. Read more

What To Look For In Mother Of The Bride Dresses

As the mother of the bride, it is important that you take steps to looks great on your daughter’s big day. The chances are that you will appear in a lot of the photographs, and you may end up sitting at the top table with the rest of the wedding party. This means that you could end up sharing the spotlight, whether you want to or not. Searching for and finding the right “Mother of the bride” dresses is therefore very important. Read more

Cheap Wedding Dresses And Other Ways To Cut The Cost Of Your Wedding Day

With the average cost of weddings rising year on year, many couples are putting off their wedding until they have had more time to save up enough money. However, it is possible to get married without spending thousands and without ruining your big day. Cheap wedding dresses are just one of the ways to cut your costs. Here are some ideas which will bring down the overall cost of your wedding day. Read more

Tips to Planning Your Wedding Catering Menu

Planning your wedding can be one of the most daunting and exhausting experience you will ever go through. Of course you want the day to be perfect, go without any problems and give you time to enjoy the experience. Unfortunately due to the stress placed on brides for the perfect day, this is one of the most frustrating experiences they will ever go through. Read more

Watch the Weight! How to Save Money on Wedding Invitation Postage

Wedding season is the time of year that the Post Office sees literally hundreds of thousands of save-the-dates, wedding invitations and RSVP cards. Unfortunately, not all of the invitations and their envelopes are created equal. Some are a little too big, some are a little too small and some are just generally shaped in a way unsuited for the machines at the post office to automatically process. If they can’t be run through the machine, they need to be hand-stamped. Some beautiful envelopes have a bit too much frill, which results in them being torn to pieces in the machines. A lot of money is spent on custom engraved, embossed and letter-pressed invitations. They’re carefully hand-lettered with calligraphy and then are mailed with love. But if they’re not processed with care, these beautiful invitations won’t arrive to your guests in the manner you intended. Read more

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