5 Reasons to Express Your Love in Pen on Paper

Has it ever occurred that you could communicate with someone writing down your thoughts with a pen on paper and mailing it over through the post box? Does it sound ridiculous? Well, why not? The post office still accepts letters and the postman still delivers them.

If you want to ask your dad for money, or want to advise your sales person to change his/her strategy, I guess you benefit by communicating over the net. You get the added advantage of a fast reply. But if you want to convey your thoughts and feelings to someone you love, would you try to write the old-fashioned love letter. They can be romantic while the pre-matrimony days. You would say, “Why would I do such a thing when I can do the same using myriads of messaging applications on my smartphone or computer? I can get a response immediately and carry on the conversation as long as I want.” Well, there are many excuses to use the pen, paper, and the snail mail. Check out these below and give it a thought before you go back to your instant messaging applications.

1. You don’t want to think on your fingers:

Yes, when you use instant messaging you think on your toes. On how many occasions have you responded to something and then felt that you could have said that in a better way? When you write on paper with a pen, you always get a lot of time to review. One can say that one does not put his/her true thoughts in a letter as we can review and cover up shortcomings. But wise people would like to communicate with someone who has decided to put his/her words on paper after giving a lot of thought and not from someone who talks off the cuff.

2. You can feel the presence and the personality of the writer:

You don’t have to be a master of graphology to be able to make out the personality and mood of the person writing on paper from the handwriting. A letter using a pen on paper conveys so much more than an auto corrected email or messaging text. You can catch the train of thought passing through the mind of the writer if you check out the person’s attempts to edit the text he/she has already penned down. There is nothing more romantic then reading a love letter on paper.

3. A love letter isn’t an intangible thing like an email:

A love letter is a physical object that you can cherish forever. You can use color to add visual stimulation. People spray perfumes on their love letter to make their communication all the more romantic. All you can do to an email is add some silly smileys J Or XOXOX. You can even delete an email after you have sent it. A love letter is forever. It is more acceptable in court as evidence though, so you know the writer hasn’t lied. You can even try this if it is your second shaadi.

4. Receiving the letters in the mailbox is a pleasure:

If you have ever received a personal letter in the mailbox, you will understand the thrill of it, other than bills and advertisement leaflets in the mail box (I am talking about the physical mail box). You collect it from the mailbox and then you take it home. You try to guess the sender. You open it and then you read it. You are totally focused on the letter. You don’t hear the message notifications from your mobile phone as the physical letter gets the highest priority. As you read the communication, you savor it. You are under no pressure to respond to the text as the sender isn’t expecting a reply immediately. Isn’t that a great way to communicate?

5. You enjoy the lack of speed of snail mail:

Well it would be wrong to say that a person writing an email on an electronic device will not be able to put his heart and soul into the text just because the media is electronic, and the speed of communication is instant. However, think about the situation in which you take two hours to wrench your heart out of your body and send it as words of your mail. The recipient reads it and within seconds replies “thanks for your mail.” Imagine if the recipient had to take a pen and put words onto paper, and then post it. You would be waiting for the reply. You would look into the mailbox every day, wondering if you got a response. Imagine the joy of seeing a letter in the mailbox in reply to yours. Well, the joy is immeasurable!

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