Confessions of a Wedding Planner

The wedding bells are on the cards and most of the family members are going berserk with the arrangements. The professional matchmaker has done a brilliant job and there is no denying it. Some plan it themselves and bring together a wedding for themselves or the oh-so-loved family member. Others, those who can splurge, get a wedding planner into the picture. The wedding planner is the one who has arranged all sorts of weddings for all sorts of people and has seen the scene inside out. He is the one who, married or not, knows how about-to-get-married couples react and how things turn out later. He is the spectator who gets to be on-screen and eat the popcorn too.

From all the different couples that the wedding planner has dealt with, here are a few confessions right from the horse’s mouth:

1. The groom has no control on his mom: It is true that more than the guy, the girl is excited about the wedding. She likes to decide the flowers, the decor, the seating and everything that there is to the wedding. Guys, in most cases, are happy with everything as long as they are marrying their favourite girl. This one time, the girl was planning the shaadi with the help of her mother when the groom’s mother started to cut her off in almost everything. The cranky girl could not say much and the groom was too scared to do anything. Result: Chaos and bad air!

2. The bride pulls all the strings: It is always nice to see when the to-be-bride and groom make decisions together. Taken that guys are less interested in decor and the flowers, but then, it is their wedding too. There may be things that the guy absolutely wants at his wedding. Could be the favourite food, music or anything else. It is a positive sign when the bride-to-be lets the groom decide a few things and lets him have his peace too. This definitely is a sign of better understanding a happier future after the shaadi.

3. When the bride and the groom disagree on almost everything: It so happens that the bride and the groom have different tastes. But when this taste differs in almost everything, then it is definitely a problem. When the groom and the bride are too adamant about various planning details for the shaadi, it is a tell-tale sign of how the future is going to be. Too many differences leads to a sad state of affairs and often a divorce. Matrimonials in India are definitely a bit complicated.

4. When the bride or the groom makes the wedding planner take the hit: There are times when the bride or the groom make the planner do things he is not supposed to do. Once a bride made the planner apologize to the guest when the alcohol got short. The real story: The bride wanted to cut short the budget!

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