How to Be a Great Maid of Honour and Plan a Perfect Hen Party

Being the Maid of Honour comes with a lot responsibility. You need to help pick out the dress, help organise the wedding invitations, keep the bridesmaids in check and most important of all, be the best possible support you can to the bride to be! Amongst all this, you need to come up with a plan for a great hen party. This can obviously be stressful and difficult, so this article will provide a checklist of things you need to make sure you are doing when planning for a hen party to make sure you are being the best Maid of Honour ever!

Know What Your Bride Likes and Dislikes

As a Maid of Honour, you need to know the bride’s dislikes and likes inside and out. One way to ruin a hen party is to have the bride doing something she hates. Imagine planning a big night out on the town and forgetting that the bride doesn’t drink! This can be avoided by talking to the bride and asking what she wants from a hen party. Hopefully, you should know her well enough to know something like her being tee-total, but it’s always best to have a chat beforehand, just to make sure you know what to avoid. If you want to keep it a complete secret, then it may be to drop hints and see her reaction than outright asking her.

Create the Perfect Guest list

Who to invite and who not to invite can be a tricky one. Having a hen party with no one there to enjoy it could be embarrassing but having a hen night with the wrong guests could be disastrous! It’s probably best not to invite everyone the bride knows and make sure everyone is friendly with each other. It’s probably best if you go over the invites with the bride, but it’s a surprise you will need to use your best sense of judgement. This can be difficult as sometimes it is hard to leave people our without feeling bad!

Get the Date Right

Usually, we would recommend not having the hen party the night before the wedding, especially if it involves drinking! The best time is probably at least a week before the big day and make sure to plan well in advance so everyone can be informed and have plenty of time to make arrangements should they need to.

Don’t Overstretch Yourself

This is perhaps the most important thing; don’t try and do too much. It’s better to just plan one or two amazing activities, than attempting to cram several into one day or weekend. Keep it simple, and you will make it easy for yourself and the bride. The more things you plan, the more chance of going wrong. Instead, by focusing on a few activities, you can make sure they are completely perfect and suited to your hen party.

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