7 Most Important Vendors to Have at Your Wedding

Whether you are planning a wedding for someone or your own, it is very important to know about all the vendors that provide services and what kind of services they actually provide! Many people make the mistake of overlapping services with out even realizing it and then they end up spending way more money than they needed to. I hope that this guide helps you in the planning process! Read more

Confessions of a Wedding Planner

The wedding bells are on the cards and most of the family members are going berserk with the arrangements. The professional matchmaker has done a brilliant job and there is no denying it. Some plan it themselves and bring together a wedding for themselves or the oh-so-loved family member. Others, those who can splurge, get a wedding planner into the picture. The wedding planner is the one who has arranged all sorts of weddings for all sorts of people and has seen the scene inside out. He is the one who, married or not, knows how about-to-get-married couples react and how things turn out later. He is the spectator who gets to be on-screen and eat the popcorn too. Read more

Contemporary Decor for Indian Weddings

It’s all about the attire, jewellery and food in an Indian wedding. And, of course, the decorations! They occupy as much importance as everything else in an Indian wedding. Wedding decor sets up the mood for celebrations. With weddings in India comprising of an array of rituals and ceremonies, decorations set apart one from another. Read more

The Simple Yet Elegant Tamil Matrimony Rituals

Since time immemorial people in Tamilnadu have followed some beautiful and elegant wedding rituals. Traditions are of prime importance to the Tamilians and this is reinstated by the fact that they still carry out all these rituals meticulously. Though there are many regions in Tamilnadu the rituals are more or less the same throughout and each of the rituals have their own depiction and meaning. Read more

Tamil Weddings Are Simple Yet Traditional

The Tamil community is considered to be a group of people who lead their lives in simplicity yet they think high. Similarly Tamilian weddings are very simple yet traditional with a lot of ceremonies and rituals. They do not conduct weddings extravagantly because they have very few guests of which most are close relatives. Every ritual is performed with utmost care and perfection as the Tamilians have high regard for their matrimony and consider this ceremony auspicious. Like most other Indian weddings the Tamil weddings involve a lot of customs as well as rituals. In order to fix the date of the ceremony one needs to consult the Hindu calendar. The months of Aashad which extends from July 15th to August 15th, Bhadrapad which extends from September 15 to October 15 and shunya which extends from December 15 through January 15 are not chosen for weddings because these months are considered inauspicious. Read more

Pre Wedding Rituals in a Kannadiga Wedding

Indian Weddings are known to be special and filled with fun and frolic. India being a diverse country has various kinds of wedding rituals that makes them different from one another. These small pre wedding and wedding intricacies are actually what makes the day so memorable. Also, it is wise not to forget that every single wedding ritual is deeply rooted in culture and has a meaning hidden within it that makes it even more special and loved by all. Read more

How to Be a Great Maid of Honour and Plan a Perfect Hen Party

Being the Maid of Honour comes with a lot responsibility. You need to help pick out the dress, help organise the wedding invitations, keep the bridesmaids in check and most important of all, be the best possible support you can to the bride to be! Amongst all this, you need to come up with a plan for a great hen party. This can obviously be stressful and difficult, so this article will provide a checklist of things you need to make sure you are doing when planning for a hen party to make sure you are being the best Maid of Honour ever! Read more

Indulge In Delicious Food at a Brahmin Wedding

India is a land of diverse cultures and religions and every region has a unique style of wedding. Right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Gujarat to Sikkim – everywhere you will find exclusive wedding rituals being followed since time immemorial. While the Punjabis are known for their big, fat, extravagant weddings; South Indian communities are renowned for rich wedding customs. Be it a pure Tamil Brahmin wedding or a wedding in Kerala – you will be stunned by the traditionally rich customs and rituals followed in this part of the country. Read more