The Simple Yet Elegant Tamil Matrimony Rituals

Since time immemorial people in Tamilnadu have followed some beautiful and elegant wedding rituals. Traditions are of prime importance to the Tamilians and this is reinstated by the fact that they still carry out all these rituals meticulously. Though there are many regions in Tamilnadu the rituals are more or less the same throughout and each of the rituals have their own depiction and meaning.

A wedding does not just mean the union of two people, especially in Tamil matrimony, a wedding is a ceremony that helps bind two different families together. In fact the rituals carried out before the actual wedding is elaborate and extensive in comparison to the ones carried out after. The filling of clay pots with kumkum and sandalwood paste is a very famous ritual. The Tamil community follow another tradition wherein nine different types of grains named as Nava Dhanyam is mixed with curd and packed together. These rituals and customs are being followed from ancestral times and are performed with utmost sanctity and total belief.

The bride is called the Kalyanaponnu and is bathed with turmeric and many other aromatic oils. This particular ritual is performed in the brides house and separately in the groom’s house as well. Once this ritual is complete the bride and the groom need to stay indoors and should not meet each other until and unless the wedding ceremony is complete.

The ceremonies are more or less similar throughout Tamilnadu, however there may be some minor changes based on the region the family hails from. The main rituals include Navagrahapooja, Nandi Shaartham, Vritham, engagement and the janavasanam.

Another important ritual carried out on the wedding day is the Mangalasnanam. Depending on the date of birth of both the bride and the groom the priest will come up with a time that is auspicious, it is during this time,usually before sunrise that the bride and the groom take a bath on their wedding day. According to customs and traditions the best time of the day is the brahmamuhurtham that happens just before sunrise. After the bath the women folk of the house perform a ceremony called as the aarthi, after which the bride starts dressing. Just after the wedding rituals like the Kasi yatra and the patha Pooja are performed.

It is said that these traditions will ensure uniformity among the two different individuals who have been brought up in different backgrounds. These traditions also help in building the rapport between two distinct families.

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